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Roof Pros NW is a Bellevue roofing contractor and the preferred Bellevue roofer for Residential and/or commercial roofing projects including expert roof repairs and new roof replacements. Hiring the best Bellevue roofing company for your roofing needs will pay off and help to increase the longevity of your roof and provide a safe and dry environment inside.

Some roofing systems are also great for reducing your energy bills because they are specially made with materials that keep the internal temperature of your house maintained. Other than the internal factors, roofs also have great significance for eternal factors like dealing with harsh weather and keeping your home and business safe.

Other than this, the roofing of a house is something that you cannot change with every coming season or year because it is something that is meant to last 20 to 50 years depending on your choice of roofing materials. So, if you are looking to get the best Bellevue WA roofing services, you can get them from Roof Pros NW a preferred Bellevue roofing company you can trust. Let’s take a closer look and the details surrounding roof repair and roof replacement services considered to be the two most common reasons Bellevue home and business owners need to reach out to a Bellevue roofing company.

The pro roofing services that we will provide:

The following are a few of the most popular roofing services that Roof Pros NW can provide.

Cedar Shingles Roofing

Who does not know about wooden roofing? Wood roofs have long been used in roofing and have a long history of protecting homes and businesses from harsh weather. It is not only great in terms of looks but wood roofs offer several other benefits as well. Wood is a natural thing that is extracted from plants and if cared for and maintained correctly, it can last for years.

  • There are many Bellevue WA homeowners who choose to only install a wooden cedar shingle roofing system.

Metal Roofing

Another popular roof installation in Bellevue Washington is the metal roof. One reason for this is that metal roofs are easily installed. Metal roofing systems take less time to install because metal roofs are made with rectangular pieces of metallic sheets that are latched together and only require little support and a few screws at the ends.

It makes this roof somewhat cheap in terms of cost and it also is a very durable and long-lasting solution if you get the metallic sheets of waterproof material. Not only is it great in terms of functionality and practicality, but it is also amazing and attractive because of its sleek appearance and comes in a variety of colors.

Composition Shingle Roof

Another popular roofing material in Bellevue is composition roofing. Composition shingle roofs are not only easy to lay, but they are easy to maintain as well. The physics used in laying them down also helps with the roof’s waterproofing.
Not only this but if you are looking to give your roof a classy look that is not as old as wooden roofing or as modern as PVC roof or metallic roofing, then a composite roof could be the best thing for you. These roofs can be made out of several materials. Some of the materials provided in composition shingles can include fiberglass, organic base material like cement, and/or asphalt.
As most of these materials are rustproof and their granulated surfaces will make them resident to corrosion, composition roofs can last a lot longer than other types of roof shingles.

Flat roofing systems

If you are constructing a new house or a building and looking for roofing services that will not be very costly in the short term but they will be very efficient for the long term as well, then a flat PVC roofing may be the best roof for you.

These roofs are usually made from materials like cement and concrete and the best part is that needs little maintenance other than getting them cleaned. Additionally, when hiring Roof Pros NW as your Bellevue roofing contractor when needing a roof replacement or annual roof inspection, we can provide you with the best in roofing services and customer support.

Additional pro services that you can get from us

Apart from the roof replacement and roof repair services, some other services we provide should also be done by professional experienced licensed contractors. Here we will discuss just a couple of services that we can provide “best quality”.

Gutter Replacement

Rain Gutters can be bad for your roof if the gutters are not well maintained. As the gutter system is responsible for taking all the water down from the roofs, if the rain gutters become blocked, water can damage your walls and roof and create internal damage as well. So, if you are stuck with a bad rain gutter system, ask about our affordable rain gutter installation services.

Vinyl windows

One thing that has a very important role in the life of your roof is the window. IF there is not enough ventilation in your place, the life of the roofs will be at risk. So, if you are looking to get the best vinyl roof installation services with a lifetime warranty, you can get these services from us.

Why get your roofing services, vinyl windows, and rain gutters from us?

Although there are many Bellevue contractors to choose from, Roof Pros NW offers over ten years of providing Bellevue home and business owners these services and is a name you can trust.

Guaranteed quality roofing and Great efficiency

We believe that there is nothing better than a satisfied customer. That is why we provide the best services at the best cost. Our roofing, vinyl windows, and gutter installation services will not only ensure that you get short-term benefits, but they will also mean that you get long-term durability as well.

Professional workers and tools for Bellevue roofing services

We are a professional Bellevue roofing company. From small tools to large-sized roofing equipment, everything falls on our professional standards. Additionally, we have some of the most experienced contractors working for us so that you get both the best quality products and services.


When you are needing roof repairs, new roof replacement, or any other of our home improvement services, the thing that matters most is that you get the services you expect from your choice of professional Bellevue roofers. Roof Pros NW will not only work hard to save on your roofing cost, but we will also provide you with great quality roofing materials. We hope that you will call us for a free no-obligation bid for any of the services we provide for your Bellevue residential or commercial needs for the best quality at the most affordable prices.