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Start Saving by going Solar with Roof Pros NW

Save Money and the Environment.

Solar is clean, green energy that allows you to save on rising energy costs from your utility. Join the thousands of Washington state homeowners going solar this year!

Net Metering and Interconnection with PSE

Interconnection refers to the process of linking a solar or other renewable energy generation system to your home’s electrical system. This enables you to utilize the power generated by your solar system when it’s accessible, while still retaining the convenience and consistency of the PSE grid. Excess energy generated by your system is transmitted back to the PSE grid when your home requires less energy than is generated. If your home requires more energy than is produced, the PSE grid is readily available to meet your needs.

Increase Home Value

Installing a solar panel system can increase your home’s value as it offers a source of renewable energy that reduces or eliminates the dependency of grid electricity. This can result in lower energy bills and a more environmentally friendly home, making it more appealing to potential buyers who are looking for sustainable homes.

Sales Tax Exemption

In Washington, solar energy systems, including rooftop solar panels, are eligible for a sales tax exemption. This exemption is valid until 2029 and can waive sales taxes of solar energy system machinery, equipment, and installation.

ITC Federal Tax Credit

The federal government will contribute 30% of your Solar system through the ITC, also known as the Federal Investment Tax Credit. Individuals and organizations, whether they are homeowners or businesses, can deduct 30% of the expenses incurred in setting up their solar power systems from their tax obligations.

How does solar work?

Enphase Solar Monitoring App

Easily keep track of your solar system’s energy production from any location by monitoring its status. Obtain detailed reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis that provide insights on energy generation. These reports come equipped with clear, visually appealing graphs and infographics.